Small Update on the Minions

Right now many of the Minions are scattered all over.  Some are doing real life things and some are still playing games.  I know a few such as Tanker & Tinker are back to playing WoW: Pandas although I’m not sure what server.  A few are even playing Vanilla WoW (v1.12) on a private server.  More information on that can be found here.

Several of us are going to start playing Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn when it launches on Aug. 27th.  I have been playing the beta and so far enjoy it.  The game has a smooth feel to it.  Character movement is as smooth as WoW, quest lead you around nicely and the graphics are just insanely awesome.  Pre-order ($29.99) and system requirements can be found here along with monthly access fees ($13-$15).  If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the FF14 forums.

Death Minions Today….

Today you can mostly find Death Minions spread across 3 games.

The largest group can be found in Guild Wars 2 on the Jade Quarry server.
On Swtor we reside on Prophecy of the Five and the other group is in EVE Online/League of Legends.

Feel free to come join us in any of the above. Contacts for the following are Boss and Avellin on Guild wars 2, Bluddragon on SWTOR, and Unholythrash for EVE.

If you are interested in the other games hit the forums, or jump on vent sometime. Info can be found on the forums once you are a member.